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Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s Insurance

When you purchase a home, if you are taking out a mortgage on the property you will be required by the mortgage lender to have homeowner’s insurance.

Homeowner’s insurance helps provide valuable financial protection against incidents that can cause damage to your home, including fire, lightning strike, wind and hail, explosions, falling objects, vandalism, theft and other risks or “perils.”

Depending on your coverage, your home and detached structures — a storage shed or fence, for example – will be protected against All Perils or Specified Perils:

All Perils protects your home and detached structures against the widest range of risks and only excludes the perils specifically listed in your policy.

Specified Perils protects your home and detached structures against the most common risks, which will be listed in your policy.


It is important to have adequate coverage on your building, so be sure to accurately estimate your home’s replacement cost. Giving your insurance company an estimate of the square footage of your home, the purchase price and land value of the property, a replacement cost can be tabulated. Your replacement cost coverage should reflect what it would cost to