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Listing Agreements

Listing Agreement

The first formal step in marketing your property is to enter into a Listing Agreement – a contract that commits our team as your Real Estate professionals to actively market your home for a specified period of time. It also commits you to a pre-established marketing fee that is to be paid only upon the successful closing of the sale.

We will also require the following documents:

Property Tax Receipts
Most Listing Agreements require that the current annual property tax assessments be provided.

Repairs, Renovations or Upgrades
Providing the buyer with a list of repairs, renovations or upgrades that you have done while you have owned the property is helpful in having them understand the list price of your home.

Utility Bills
In some instances, it may help the sale of your property if you can provide prospective buyers with information on such items as annual heating, electrical, and water expenses.

Plan of Survey or Location Certificate
A Survey of your property which outlines the lot size and location of buildings as well as details of encroachments from neighbouring properties. This may be required in certain areas to complete the sale of your home. Your legal professional may recommend a survey, especially if significant changes have been made to your property.